Odessa Lace – Raspberry

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$2.50 / Yard – $4.00 / Yard

Red Wide Width Lace Fabric

The origin of lace is heavily disputed among historians and impossible to determine, but we do know that since the 16th century lace has been endearingly popular for everything from fashion for men and women of all social classes, to home decor like curtains, table and bed linens. From Britain’s Queen Victoria choosing lace for her bridal gown in 1840 (the now traditional white was chosen to highlight the lace!) to 19th century missionaries sharing lace making techniques with Native North American tribes, lace is a truly versatile fabric with a rich history.

Odessa Lace – Raspberry red wide width lace fabric, features a delicate, wide width leaf like lace pattern with a delicate soft hand for the ultimate in comfort and style. Superb stretch and recovery means it stays with your every move. Perfect for dance wear, recital, gymnastics, figure skating, costume, cosplay, lingerie, swimwear, formal wear and anytime you need a classic, elegant look.

For some fantastically helpful tips on how to sew with stretch lace fabric, check out Treasurie – Sewing and Craft Blog: How to Sew Lace

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