“the dangerous world of fancy fabrics”

Solid Stone Fabrics manufactures and distributes stretch fabrics for dance, team/spirit, costume, active apparel, swimwear, and many other markets. We offer Velvet, Foils, Holograms, Nylon/LycraEnvironmentally Friendly & Sustainable Fabrics, Polyester/Spandex, Glitter Fabrics, Tulle and Mesh and Sequins, just to name a few. We take pride in offering high quality, performance fabrics in a wide selection of colors and styles at very competitive prices. Our stock fabrics are available at no minimum order quantity and we offer multiple shipping options, including international.  We are also able to customize fabrics to fit your needs with a variety of textile printing options and base fabrics, all with workable minimums.

Fabric is in our roots.  Based in Martinsville, Virginia USA, known in the late 1980’s as the “Sweatshirt Capital of the World”, we come from a long line of textiles and manufacturing.   From the early 20th century when textiles took over the tobacco industry: History of Textiles in Martinsville & Henry County  to as recently as 2002, when VF Imagewear closed down it’s final plant in our area: VF Imagewear Plant Closing – Martinsville, VA, Martinsville and Henry County has a rich history in textiles.  For a detailed account of our textile tradition, click here:  Martinsville Textile History Timeline.


Refusing to let textile manufacturing disappear from his hometown, our founder and CEO David L. Stone, Jr. opened Solid Stone Fabrics in 2003, in his garage, to be exact.  To say his hard work and dedication have been successful would be an understatement.  Solid Stone Fabrics has taken the textile heritage of this area into the future with new technology, products and jobs benefiting an area that has been hit hard by loss of manufacturing in America.

From our founder’s garage, to the local business incubator, then to an 18,000 sq ft building, what started as wholesale stretch fabrics quickly turned into a cut and sew operation – in Martinsville UpTown no less!  Read more about that here:  Sewing Returns to UpTown Martinsville!

Always listening to what our customers want, we realized the need to bring textile printing back to the USA to avoid huge minimums and lead times and questionable chemical processes.  We set up a state of the art custom fabric printing department in 2009 which utilizes clean textile printing through Sublimation and Direct to Textile processes.  You may have guessed that at this point, we needed more space.   In 2015 we made a historic move from our 18,000 sq ft facility to our current 82,000 sq ft location.  This building is the current home of our stock fabric warehouse with over 90,000 yards of fabric, our laser cutting and industrial sewing operation which is primarily set up to make flags and banners, and our custom fabric printing department.


Through the years we have been honored with several awards at both state and local levels, for our perseverance and growth in business, job creation and community involvement.  Most notable, in 2010 we won the Tayloe Murphy Award, presented by the UVA Darden School of Business.


We have also been recognized numerous times, for creating jobs in a high unemployment area.

Solid Stone Fabrics - Job Creation

As we continue to grow and develop, our mission is to provide a quality product and solid experience for our customers, to provide jobs locally and to be active in our community and inspire future generations through projects like this:

MHS Field Trip to Solid Stone Fabrics, Inc.

We are proud to carry the rich textile traditions of Martinsville & Henry County into the future with new technology, products and innovation.  Thank YOU for being a vital part of our journey!