Damask – Gunmetal

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$9.50 / Yard – $11.00 / Yard

Grey Metallic Flocked Velvet

At one time only accessible to royalty, velvet is now available to and suited for the everyday and everyone. Velvet is an impressive textile with a rich history going back to the Egyptians. Its unique texture sets it apart from all other fabrics yet it is perfect for so many uses.

Damask Gunmetal Grey Metallic Flocked Velvet Fabric features plush velvet topped with matte distressed “fog” foil and baroque style flocking for a regal effect.   2-way stretch makes this perfect for semi-fitted or draped garments. You will not find a better velvet! Perfect for dance wear, recital, gymnastics, figure skating, costume, cosplay, formal wear and anytime you need a dramatic, elegant look.

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