Carvico VITA SUEDE – Nero Black

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$16.75 / Yard — $19.25 / Yard

Black Recycled Stretch Fabric

Vita Suede by Carvico: one of our sustainable performance fabrics made of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon, which stands out for its matt look and its warm, natural, suede-like hand feel.

Fascinating, soft, compact and breathable, VITA Suede is ideal for the creation of trendy activewear to be worn also outside the gym, as well as for sportswear reminding to the ‘80s.

Vita Suede by Carvico is a suede-looking charmeause with a completely different nature. Above all it is elastic! Our fabric appearance and hand feel may vaguely remind to suede, however, it is more technical, elastic and comfortable, suitable for performance activewear garments. Vita Suede by Carvico boasts a brushed texture that makes it feel warmer to the touch. For this reason, it is perfect for winter sportswear, it helps thermoregulation and the achievement of high performance in outdoor sports, even in cold temperatures.

We stock VITA SUEDE in black at no minimum and can special order other available colors at a 1 roll/54yard minimum. Please direct any inquiries to [email protected].

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