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Carvico (Matt/Shiny)

~An opaque tricot fabric that strikes the perfect balance between lightweight and superior stretch. Resistance to piling and SPF rated at 50+ makes it perfect for swimwear, dancewear and a variety of sports.

~Carvico Shiny is the same high quality tricot as malaga but with a shiny, lustrous finish. 

~Click on the smaller images below for specifications and order placement. 

~ All colors shown on website are stock and available in yard minimums.  Please call us at 1-276-634-0115 or send an email to info@solidstonefabrics.com to inquire about additional tricot colors and Carvico fabric offerings. 

Carvico Matt Tricot -  Coccinella
Carvico Matt Tricot -  Grenoble
Carvico Matt Tricot -  Viridian
Carvico Matt Tricot - Avorio
Carvico Matt Bianco (White)
Carvico Matt Tricot - Nero (Black)
Carvico Shiny Tricot -  Bianco (White)
Carvico Shiny Tricot -  Brule
Carvico Shiny Tricot -  Ireland
Carvico Shiny Tricot - Nero (Black)

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