Fabric Selections

~Glamorous and sophisticated, silver is the color of prosperity and mystery.  Browse our complete collection of stock fabrics featuring silver as the predominant hue. 

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Allure Polished Jersey #3 Platinum
Adventurous - Black/Silver/White
Damask - Gunmetal
Defender - Silver/Black
Digital Silver/White
Drumroll ~ Silver / White
Drumroll ~ Silver Holo
Finesse - Black Holo/Pewter
Flashy - Silver Holo/White
Ga-Ga Gunmetal / Titanium
Ga-Ga Silver Holo / White
Ga-Ga Silver/Black
Ga-Ga Silver/White
Geometry - Silver Holo/Black
Houndstooth - Silver/Black
Liquid Foil Silver
Majestic Slinky - Silver
Metallic Sheen Gunmetal / Pewter
Metallic Sheen Silver / White
Playground - Silver / Black / Black
Shattered Glass Silver/White
Sparkler - Silver/Black
Techno - Silver Holo/Black
Tornado - Silver / Nickel
Shattered Glass Silver/Black
Zig Zag - Silver/Black

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