Fabric Selections

~Sincere and reserved, blue is the color of honesty and loyalty.  Browse our complete collection of stock fabrics featuring blue as the predominant hue. 

~Click on the individual images below for fabric specifications and order placement.

Allure Polished Jersey ##22 Blue Steel
Dance Solid Indigo
Dance Solid South Pacific
Pounce - Black/Blue/Orange
Adventurous - Black/Royal/Royal
Blue Hawaiian - Metallic Sheen
Carvico Malaga -  Grenoble
Drumroll ~ Royal / Royal
Fairydust - Navy/Gold
Fandango - Blue/Black
Flashy - Royal Holo / Royal
Ga-Ga Navy / Navy
Ga-Ga Royal/Royale
Geometry - Royal Holo/Black
Groovy -  Blue
Admire - Navy / Navy
Paradise Lace - Sapphire
Techno - Royal Holo/Black
Broken Mirrors - Royal / Black
Psychedelic Powermesh - Blue
Hustle - Royal
Psychedelic Spandex - Blue
Armor - Royal/Black
Puzzling - Royal Combo
Odessa Lace - Blue Steel
Ombre Blue
Sparkler - Royal/Black
Bubbles - Navy
Ombre Royal / Light Blue
Enchanted - Royal / Royal Glitter

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